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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Red Heifer Prophecy and Timing

     In this case, let me, just give an excellent article detailing facts about the Red Heifer Prophecy which concerns the necessity of the Jewish religious leaders to get an unblemished, unyoked young female cow, as a pure sacrifice for the ritual cleansing of those involved in the building and sacrifices before the construction of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount.


    I agree with everything in the article ( although differ with some things on the website as a whole) , but its interesting and in many places confirming, and worth a read. Jeff doesn't believe in seeing the timing of events, although he mentions the timing of Jewish months over and over again. Hence let me quote a few small portions, and take them a step further in seeing the Lord's prophetic timing and PLAN.

     Jeff writes... 'Scripture does not tell us how long this Temple will be in use before the Tribulation Period starts, but I doubt it will stand for long before Yeshua raises the dead and raptures his Bride! Now that is significant.'

     So to start with, I differ greatly, as Daniel and Revelation details exact days, months and years for the Last Seven Years events. The First 3 and a half years being better described as the Tribulation Period or timing of the Seals, followed by the A.C. reign in the last 3 and a half years called the GREAT TRIBULATION.

SEE   WE shall know the day and hour

     Besides Jesus said, we were to understand the timing of the Abomination of Desolation being set up in the Holy Place, as spoken about by Daniel the prophet (Mathew 24 15). Jesus knew the timing of all events, and Daniel said we in the End Time would have to know the timing, so let's do so, without thinking we are suppose to be in darkness, rather than the light of a brighter day. Why because we have to make it through another 3.5 years of Great Tribulation before the Rapture comes.

     Hopefully you read the precursor or prerequisite article of mine, involving the Temple Mount having to have a pure water supply before reading further, because the Red Heifer Sacrifice, that takes place outside the Temple area, has to be mixed in with pure water, to make the cleansing water that purifies. (Numbers 19)

SEE Earthquake brings water to Temple Mount

Now let me extract an excerpt from Jeff's writings.......

In July 2021, Rabbi Kupietzy said, “I really believe that the red heifer was born this year.” He explained that the current Hebrew year is 5781, which, in Hebrew numerology, is תשפא. “That is an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה אדומה (it will be the year of the red heifer).” Kupietzky also explained that the Talmud has a precedent for the red heifer being provided by a non-Jew, so he is working with Boneh Israel, a Christian organization. Efforts to locate a red heifer have even taken them to Texas: “The red heifer is not a korban, a sacrifice,” Kupietzky pointed out. “It is performed outside of the Temple and is considered a tekes, a ceremony. Which is why we are especially looking in Texas for the tekes,” he quipped. A team of rabbis from the Temple Institute flew out to inspect the calves in 2021.

On Thursday, September 15, 2022, five currently unblemished red heifers arrived in Israel from Texas. A small ceremony was held at the Ben Gurion airport cargo terminal. The heifers were greeted, and speeches were made by many who had made this historic and prophetic day become a reality. According to Orthodox Rabbis and leaders, these heifers, if they remain qualified, could be used to reinstate many of the Temple practices even before the Third Temple is rebuilt. (End of excerpt)

However the five red heifers, which are currently less than one year old, must be examined again to determine whether one or more continues to possess the necessary requirements, according to Numbers 19:1-22 and the Mishna Tractate Parah. Other heifers have initially been found to be qualified but later became disqualified as they began to age.

     Jeff wrote his article as of November 1, 2022, that's about two months ago, hence the calves  are about a year old right now and would be eligible for sacrifice, when they are two years plus a day. This meaning around November of 2023, they would qualify according to their age. And apparently, the red heifer can be up to four years old minus one day, and still be accepted, but not afterwards. That being said, these calves if they stay un-spotted and so called pure, would be  or could be used til November in 2025. Hmmm..... meaning in September of 2024, when apparently the nuclear war between Russia and the US/France and Britain happens, one of these heifers could be sacrificed in a cleansing ritual... before the completed 3rd Temple.

    This meaning, the 3rd Temple, would not be vacant for very long until the  'AntiChrist' reveals himself. eneters the Temple and calls himself God..

SEE   Anti-Christ (Vladislav Surkov)

      Vladislav Surkov, as the President of Russian (replacing Putin) enters victoriously into His governing Temple for the whole world, because he has conquered the whole world. That timing being February 27, plus or minus a day in 2025. This date being 1260 days before the wheat harvest or Rapture  (August 10th in 2028)    Ha... establishing his so called right to state he is 'God' and can tell these priests to stop sacrificing to an unknown, absent God, because He has arrived and sits in the 3rd Temple as God. 

2 Thessalonians 2

3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

     Whatever we shall find out further, how far along the timeline we are at Easter, or Passover, if their New Messiah or a different one initiates a 'sacrifice on the Temple Mount' Remember the Jewish religious right, believes that their Messiah shall start the building of the 3rd Temple. And seeing he got revealed in 2022, by now in 2023 he should have gotten together his spiritual and political forces to start this construction phase. Or the religious leaders will have to introduce a new Messiah, who will do the job. This even though time is running out to do. So I reckon, the meek guy in glasses, who's well trained in the Torah and traditions, has to get some Heptzbah, and/or courage, to actually do something. For in truth, Christianity as most of the writers connected to Jeff's website, suggest truthfully that the Anti-Christ will be the Messianic figure that first sits in the 3rd Temple, and not Christ, the once and only MESSIAH of all time.

     But first there has to be the Iranian War, and an uprising on the Temple Mount of Palestinians (Muslims) versus the Jewish Faithful. This laying the ground work or necessity of having the ten country last world government secure a type of peace on the Temple Mount. Enabling the start of the construction of the 3rd Temple.

     Sure some of this is conjecture and 'to be determined' but it has to be admitted it is in line and reasonable and again seems to be consistent with so many other prophecy markers..... Yet, the Red Heifer, or should I say the Red Heifers are there, which means Old Testament wise and Torah wise, the Jewish priesthood can almost go ahead with 3rd Temple Construction, once the Ten Nation Covenant has been signed. They will come up with a so called pure water source, all preparing the way for their Messiah, the A.C. to enter into this 3rd Temple, and declare himself to be the 'god of this world.'



January, 2023