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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Rabbi's reveal their new "Messiah"

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    On Passover on March 27, 2021  .... The Jewish Priesthood and Rabbi's allowed, welcomed honored, and kissed the hand of Jizkiahu Ben David. Hes apparently a 30 year old Torah expert, they say will be their 'Messiah' This being the last requirement fulfilled before they can rebuild their destroyed Temple. It was quite the scene at the Wailing Wall, so decide for yourself ...

There's numerous videos, with different dialogues and interpretations including different Christian view points. So you have a lot of thoughts and implications, you may discern from. So I shall now, give you mine.

                                                                                                                              Hes definitely not charismatic, as he looks                                                                                                                                      very normal. His look is not proud and                                                                                                                                            defying. His demeanor in essense looks                                                                                                                                          whimpy. He wears thick glasses, which also                                                                                                                                    sort of shows a weakness, the real Messiah                                                                                                                                    or pretend Messiah would not have weak                                                                                                                                      eyes. It can be excused that he has read way                                                                                                                                too much Torah and Talmad in past years.                                                                                                                                    But having such an entourage and arriving in                                                                                                                                in a black limousine is not that impressive,                                                                                                                                    when Jesus arrived in true humility sitting on                                                                                                                               a donkey.

 And come on, selecting a Messiah, that has no rthymn and can't dance is hardly Davidic like at all. He's suppose to be the Creator, and he doesnt know how to dance ?????  Where's the I am the Lord of the Dance, said He. And laying back in a chair while a line up kissed his hand, is almost repulsive adulation, that the real Messiah of the people would never do. Nevertheless, to other Rabbi's, who are into outward appearance and supposed obedience to the laws of doing nothing, and abstaining from any type of evil, they can easily be fooled because he fits their image.

Mezermerizing the world with charm, toughness, and vitality .. NO. 

Im sure, he will be able to quote the Torah for hours, but a normal understandable  sentence. I doubt that he can compose. Yet it matters not, this new found Messiah, recognized by these High Priests of Judiasm, has to satisfy them only to be of importance. For the point is the country of Israel to become a religious state composed ONLY of Jewish people and focused around the authority of YWAH, has to first have a Temple site and an actual 3rd TEMPLE secured and quaranteed by TEN MAJOR COUNTRIES of the World. This before they can perform the DAILY SACRIFICES before the Temple site, and build their new Temple of SOLOMON, designed by the Lord, as given to David, of Old.

So in this way, His false Coming in pretense to the real Messiah JERSUS, has been prophesied . WHY, because the Covenant of Daniel described by Daniel dictates that there must be trouble on the Temple Mount and bigger trouble in Mid East, that can only be stopped by the diplomacy of the Prince of the COVENANT in getting 10 nations, or toes, or kingdoms, or kings to sign this Covenant or ACCORD of Abraham.

Confusing, NO. If you know the basic prophecy timeline of Daniel  (SEE ABOVE) The silly church dialogues, have no idea about the timing of Daniel, Revelation, and all the other prophetic books. They think the AC is only revealed magically at the mid point of the LAST SEVEN YEARS. (2 THESS 2) And these church people usually think they will then be raptured away from any wrath or any suffering. This even  though, the world will have and will be going through more depopulation, through pestilence, disease, hunger and even the nuclear war that brings the AC into power.

This little bespectackled Jewish man, is hardly a world leader, nor does he have nuclear weapons, neither does he have a huge army at his disposal to eliminate from the face of the Earth, the WHORE. And this in not slow disintegration but nuclear power in ONE HOUR.  NO. Jizkiahu Ben David is not the Messiah for the whole world as spoken about in Old and New Testament prophecies. YES, Jizkiahu Ben David, fulfills a couple of Torah and Talmud loose prophecies, if they so want to believe such, as that is their main doctrine, rabbi's writing to other rabbi's.

This little guy is a type of anti-christ, but there will be many of them, but only one Russian President that do the deeds of destruction and power possessed by the TRUE LITTLE HORN or MAN OF SIN, or ANTI-CHRIST

But all these simple observations and truths, do not nullify him at all, as the Jewish people have been prophesied to

to construct a 3rd Temple. And if the Jewish Rabbinical Priesthood deems they have their 'Messiah' then they can proceed headlong into moving forward NOW, with pushing a weak or strong Israeli government into negotiating with the world and with the ARABS and MUslims over securing sufficient land on top of the Temple Mount for their Temple Construction.

It need not be a large parcel of land as the Temple itself is rather small.

SEE This size of temple can fit between the Mosque

and the Dome.

Jews were thus officially banned from setting foot on the Temple plat-

form. In practice many Orthodox Jews observe the ban while other Jews

do not. The stated reason for the ban is that gentiles, as well as Jews,

are regarded as "unclean" today and are thus unfit to walk on the

sacred mount. The Mount is considered so sacred that one is forbidden

even to fly over it because the holiness of the site extends into the

heavens. Therefore the Orthodox Jew is allowed only to admire the

mount from a distance. This ban will stay in effect, many believe, until

the Messiah comes. Because of the ban the Jews pray and celebrate at

the Western wall, an area in earlier times known as the "Wailing" wall. )