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Earthquake brings Water on Temple Mount

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    There has to be a significant earthquake under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2023. Why because there can be no construction of a 3rd Temple, unless a abundant water source  is available for ritual cleansing, and the 'Daily Sacrifice'. They can not use mere city water or even transport in huge water containers. The water has to be pure and clean, as un-purified water would not be acceptable for their purification bathing nor for drinking. Yes, they can fake it, or they can secretly be drilling under the Temple Mount to renew the siphon spring of Gihon, or gushing water.

     Mind you, saying a miracle has happened and the spring has began gushing upwards again, is truly a better SIGN to the populace and world that Yahweh, is blessing them and signalling them to proceed with their construction of the 3rd Temple. But one way or another, a pure water source has to put in place.

    They seem to have a 'Red Heifer' that can be sacrificed and burnt to ashes, to provide for the cleansing ceremony of the involved and trained priesthood, but they must also have pure water. This water is suppose to be the parallel, of Moses striking the Rock, and suppose to be parallel to the pure water under the THRONE OF GOD

Revelation 22:1     And he shewed me a 'PURE' river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

     The water on the Mount now is not pure, it is not the pure water from the siphon spring of Gihon, as in the Days of David and Solomon. It can't be used for even a Hebrew drinking ceremony. Its stagnant and barely flowing.     

     The 3rd Temple location is already pretty well determined to be between the Dome of the Rock and the Mosgue of Al-Aqua. This making perfect sense.... SEE Temple Mount Org   and this video...

    And so from a side view, an elevational perspective, the water springing up from below at the renewed Gihon Spring, can go the Rock, (A - Dome of the Rock) and down to the 3rd Temple Site ( C ), and down to the Al Aqua Mosque. This placating all and having all cisterns filled and full of pure water. Hence a new temple can not be constructed by the Temple Institute unless there is a consensus and agreement (called the Daniel Covenant) between the Muslims and the Jewish people and the world. This security arrangement backed by a ten nation world power. SEE Upcoming Ten Nation 'Covenant of Daniel')

     One way or another, whether by a God sent earthquake, or subterranean drilling, or other method of man or priesthood, an abundant pure water source has to gusher forth, to provide a final SIGN, that Yahweh or God has ordained the building of the 3rd Temple.



PS) For more background...  SEE


         Iran War is coming soon

         Red Heifer Prophecy and Timing

The spring was 23 cubits above the level of the Temple court.

But construction, of course, will only be AFTER the Iran War, and further Temple Mount Violence between Palestinians and Jewish authorities. The Covenant is a so called means of bringing in peace. The Palestinians will be given some rights, and the Jewish hierarchy shall be given permission to build their 3rd Temple.

In the past, this water spring, that gushed up from below was pure and clean, but since a past earthquake lessened its flow, and turned its water bitter, it is unacceptable for cleansing of the priesthood or cleansing of the

'blood of the animal sacrifices, etc... on the threshing floor of

For here is where the old temples were located and on which the new temple must be constructed. The Temple institute has the plans, the materials, and everything needed. They have a supposed new Messiah and will have a pure red heifer... but all is for nought and useless without the upsurging pure water of the ancient spring.

Consequently the Lord has to restore this water source, via a large earthquake or absolute miracle below to make a way for them to continue, to get things started in earnest. It can't be piped in water, but must be natural pure water, from below.

Yes, this is just logic based on prophecy, but somehow, someway the water must be flowing before they even contemplate 'building' a 3rd Temple. They will see this as a SIGN from Heaven, that they are being blessed and that the timing is 'THEN', to start construction.

The tragedy is that the true Messiah, 'Jesus', will not be entering it, and declaring himself God, but first the evil Anti-Christ from the North (Russia) will be taking it over, and ruling the world during the Great Tribulation.

SEE  First Half  Good history Good on Location


PPS) And do note, that man can now produce earthquakes to whatever degree is necessary for either destruction or to supposedly show the blessing and intent of the Creator   (January 2023)