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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

 Lauren Daigle's Bio (in comparison to Mine)

 Dear Lauren, (and Readers)

      In hopes of helping you confirm your destiny and CALLING,

allow me to write you with a few things that struck me when

comparing your life, with mine.

2 Peter 1:10
Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your

calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall

never fall:

     The following in BLUE, is what has been written about your early life on various sites ....

     Lauren Ashley Daigle (born September 9, 1991) is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter Sadly I only came across your singing, in the last two months. I was never into church music or even Christian popular music, maybe because I felt out of place among a Christian group I initially joined with who honored their musicians and singers way too much. They were successful in a sense, but lost their way when they went into romantic love rather than staying with the Lord's love.  SEE Children of God. Ha, but some of their early attire was in your style.

     So let me discuss, this first sentence which caught my eye. Your whole name,  is six letters, six letters, and six letters....mine is five letters, five letters, five letters ... 6-6-6   and 5-5-5. Interesting, I thought to myself. Your birth also seemed relevant to me because amazingly your birthday and month are 9-9 and mine is 8-10. Mine coincides with prophecy according to the wheat harvest in August. I'm a Leo, and seems to be important in prophetic timing, as it follows the pattern, of the Tribe of Judah. Yours is in September on the ninth, making me recall that your Virgo SIGN was entered into through Leo. But I have written nothing concerning Virgo or much about 'Sun Signs' because it is too inconclusive and varies too much when applied to individuals.

     And though I also feel mathematically that GEMATRIA, or the addition of letter values, is applicable to direct Prophecy. (AKA Moses writings, the Breast Plate Addition and even the NAME of the Anti-Christ Summation). Name gematria is prone to mis-interpretation because it relies on the SPELLING of a word, rather than the original spelling. Moses words Yes, because Moses wrote, THUS SAITH THE LORD, most other parts, NO. But birthdays can show importance, especially with the Lord's leaders.      (SEE Birthdays of End Time Leaders)    Sorry, the Lord got me into Mathematics and Science because I have written extensively on HIS DESIGN in opposition to the fallacy of luck and chance evolution.

     Anyway, back to your birthday of 9-9, you being born in Virgo, the last month of the year before the NEW YEAR in Tirshri

in the Hebrew Calendar designed by the Lord. And this date being the birthday exactly of my mother, on 9-9. Quite a coincidence. And then again, my brother was born on October 8th, making it 10- 8. The inverse of mine and our middle being 9-9. All these months hovering around the important holy days in the End Time...  Rapture (Wheat Harvest),  45 Days of Wrath (Grape Harvest), Rosh Hasanah, Days of Thunder, Day of Atonement, and Cleansing of the Land after the Battle of Armageddon.

       So Lauren, you got my attention, from the start ! And even your birth year, of 1991, means, you might be starting your future ministry or destiny, 33 years after birth, similar to Jesus length of time there on Earth, putting its beginning at 2024. Hmmm .... interesting because the fireworks or nuclear war, is predicted by myself to start THEN, rather than this year. IE. There's time between now and September 21, 2024. Time is of the essense, because the Lord's people are ill prepared and way behind (in time).

     And then comes your name, as names can be very, very important (SEE Luke 1) and you were named Lauren Ashley

Well, Lauren as you surely know means 'VICTORY' as in laurels symbolizing victory. Ashley, is a little mysterious but basically means 'What is the biblical meaning of Ashleigh? Details Meaning: From the old English meaning "ash" and leah, meaning "wood". Gender: Girl. And when you combine this with the Red Heifer Prophecy, it also centers around ash, the ash of a pure Red Heifer that gets sacrificed or burnt into ashes. These ashes mixed with pure water becomes the cleansing water for the Hebrew priests on the Temple Mount. Coincidence, again I think not, but more like destiny. And your last name, DAIGLE, it seems innocent enough and common enough, but with a simple internet search.... seems to indicate much much more.

I believe I believe... as one great songwriter wrote and sang.

     Going to it states....""Early Origins of the Daigle family
The surname Daigle was first found in Normandy (French: Normandie), the former Duchy of Normandy, where this distinguished family held a family seat. Engenoulf de L'Aigle was the son of Fulbert de Beine, founder of the castle of l'Aigle on the River Risle in the arrondisement of Mortagne in Orne. Engenoulf had three sons - Roger who was slain in 1060, Richard who joined Duke William in his conquest of England and was granted the lands on which the Battle of Hastings took place, and Gilbert who was given the castle of Exmes by Duke Robert of Normandy who made him Viscount of that county. He was buried at Saint Sulpice after being mortally wounded in battle."" (End of Excerpt)

That's hardly a common or commoner Family History. Besides Saint Sulpice is a central location for the Priory of Sion, the Plantards and the dating of 'JANUARY 17' These I have written about because it involves the Grail, even its movement from the Holy Land to Rosalyn Chapel, to Nova Scotia. All slightly revealed yet slightly hidden in the DaVinci Code. Hence with such links, is it possible you are Sophia of the End, the Chalise, awaiting the Knight or Blade. Are you a personification of the real Grail of Nova Scotia, that is found by a knight or warrior (King David of the End) ?

     And you do seem to have links to Acadia because your roots seem to have been French, and Acadia is on the Eastern Seaboard of Canada, Nova Scotia included. LeClaire (Being translated the Light) also being French... and the owner of the ships transporting the Grail to the New World, from Old Scotland to New Scotland.  Just a possibility, but maybe a great one that also might be why you were born in Louisiana, Cajun territory meaning French, and where Frenchmen fled from their American vicotors. I'm guessing here,but it may be true. ...

     This is getting way too specific, and too deep and maybe confusing for you to take in, but I'm just flowing with my honest thoughts, almost without reservation. Let'er fly, or lets say, flying High because I believe you have a High CALLING, even the HIGHEST CALLING OF ALL WOMEN.

So there again, I would never have written 'King David Revealed, in reference to myself before now, before all the new developments and this seeming early take over by the evil elite. Now must be the time ! We don't want to miss the Lords time and 'slam all the doors the Lord opens'.

 Now from

Daigle grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana in an environment of zydeco, blues and Cajun music. From the youngest age Lauren had a chance to immerse herself in a passion for music. She said that her mother called her house "The music box" when she was a child because anytime she was awake she was singing. Daigle admits she almost pushed music to the backburner, unsure if it was her true calling, until a devastating illness, infectious mononucleosis, brought her young life into sharper focus. (Beauty for Ashes)  She claims that it was one of the best things that had happened to her. Because of her suffering with a major illness while in high school, she was kept out of school for nearly two years. When she went to college prep school, she felt as if it were time to get serious and thought she had to go into the medical field  (I was in pre-med, but couldn't stand the sight of blood and consequently switched and graduated in Kinesiology instead.)

Then when she felt the Lord brought her into that solitude, she realized that she needed to follow her true passion of music. Soon after, Daigle attended a charter school and completed a year and a half of class work in six months and actually graduated early. (Lauren has a excellent brain, and is bright) She took a year off from school, traveling to Brazil to do mission work, (And still is reaching far off countries as a missionary, with her songs of the Lord's LOVE) (Same as I even though I was on the mission fields for a few decades) before attending Louisiana State University to pursue a degree in Child and Family Studies, but music was always on her agenda. (As a example of the Lord's LOVE and the Holy Spirit, Lauren has a heart for Children and Families)    (End of Excerpt)

     Somewhere in my search for your more complete bio, I ran across a link to Acadia, but I can't find those quote, nevertheless my poor memory has it etched in my brain as significant. Maybe a link to the Shepherds of Arcadia, a shepherdess pointing to a Sacrophagus in Aracadia (or Paradise)

     But I did find out your family name Daigle comes from Normandy. Normandy is on the French coastline, maybe near where Joan of Arc came from.... a small girl with great power because of her GREAT FAITH.... like yourself..Right ? Anyway my two uncles on my mothers side were both 'RESCUED, out of the darkest hour' in that horrible war. And France is key in studying the (Female Grail), St Sulspice, and the Grail Mysteries, King Arthur and Guinevere, Gallahad, Rosalyn Chapel etc... and Nova Scotia, Canada, the likely destination of the stored Grail. I wrote a lot about this because King David, and King Arthur are tied together in lineages, and onward to links to Nova Scotia. For the Grail can be one of the powers we obtain in being able to feed the 144,000. Why because it can not be us, it has to be the Lord's POWER.

     Allow me to ramble on more, just in case, some of this meshes with the dreams and visions from the Lord, you have received. I have not minced words, or played it safe, but have gone ALL IN in my opinion, that you have a HIGHER DESTINY,

even beyond the great things you have already accomplished. I think you are ONE of the TWO Witnesses... even as I think and believe I am the OTHER WITNESS.

     Therefore I entitled your articles to you and others, QUEEN LAUREN, not to stoke your pride but humble you even further because you would know, that you could only fulfill your MISSION, (Remember and YOU SAY lyrics) with an even greater RESPONSIBILITY, by TRUSTING HIM

Queen Lauren of the End Time

In His Love