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Daigle Last Name links to Grail Mysteries

February 14,2023

    While researching, Lauren Daigle's Life and Family History, I came upon some familiar names, that made connections back to my previous studies on King David, King Arthur, the Grail, Da Vinci Code and their importance to us in the End Time and how they confirm Lauren Daigle's  heretical line-age.

Why is this important, because just as with the line-age of King David of Old to our End Time King David, the Lord chooses between the descendants of His chosen Branches. Lauren whose name means VICTORY and whose middle name, ASHley, relates to the RED HEIFER ASHES for cleansing those in the Temple, but what about her last name Daigle. It didn't seem to have any relevance, before this morning, until .....

INSERT From "Daigle family tree" - Google Search

What does the surname Daigle mean?
This German surname of DAIGLE was a baptismal name meaning 'the son of DAGO' a pet form of names beginning with TAG (the day). The name is also spelt as DAGOBERT, DAGOBALD, DAGWART and DAGOMAR. Surnames are divided into four categories, from occupations, nicknames, baptismal and locational.

Daigle Coat of Arms /   Daigle Family Crest › daigle-coat-of-arms

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What is the meaning of D Aigle?
Translation of ""D'aigle" in English

aigle. EAGLE. regard d'aigle. eagle look.

SEE Eagle is a symbol of power and of the Lord's power to keep us, protect us and provide for us, just as He will be doing in the Great Tribulation when we flee to the place that the Lord has prepared for us...Petra/Kadesh Barnea . Daigle is not just another last name, but a significant one and a SIGN, that Lauren is special, and comes from a special line-age. Please SEE new posting... Woman in wilderness is with child. It will be applied to Lauren who is childless at present, but according to prophecy, I would say will be with child or pregnant, when we flee from Jerusalem to Petra in the 2nd Exodus. This I would suggest takes place in Fevruary of 2025)

Hence, there is a connection between Daigle and her birth and upbringing in Lousianna - back to Acadia (Nova Scotia- location of the hidden Grail) back to Normandy, from Germany.... and the marriage of King Dagobert and Misselle.

This paralleling and ending up with the great tale the Priory of Sion being the KEEPERS of the literal cup and the female cup, Sophia of DaVinci Fame. Meaning that Yes, Lauren can be the End Time Priestess of our Tabernacle, and a personification of the bloodline of the Lord of Lords, with the 'Once and Future King' David of the End Time.

But lets backtrack a bit, and allow you to read it detail, the whole story from a different writer ......

(Once dead, probably a twist, as Jesus died on the cross and his body was buried)(but the lineage went on via the child of the Lord, that Mary gave birth to... Shepehrds of Arcadia, Acadian in Nova Scotia, new scotland, via Saint Claire).)

""Plantard's ancestors, he declared, included a distinct lineage with the St. Clairs, anglicized as Sinclair, who had founded Scottish Rite Freemasonry. This alleged link explained the means of maintaining the secrecy of the Priory of Sion's existence down through the centuries. The revelation satisfied believers, but prompted skeptics to dig deeper into the tale, with remarkable results.""

You can read the whole expose and all the connections and links, but might get discouraged or lead astray,when you read Plantard was exposed as a fraud, and liar. Yes, but that was a confession, he made on threat of his own imprisonment because he violated the church and the state. Plantard was a bit of oiff shout, for though in the line-age hardly the annointed one in the Branch. The Sauienre parchments were surely true concerning the heritage of the Grand Masters etc... but the blessings and annointing was not to him but to another. I say they went to Lauren Daigle, who was in the line-age and did get the annointing of being a 'star' musically and soon.. spiritually.

How did Sauviene get so rich overnight, via the parchmentsof line'ages. No, not because they showed Jesus did NOT die, and NOT because Jesus traveled to France, because Jesus did not travel after crucifixion. The death of Jesus onthe cross was true, his burial was true, his resurrection was true.

Saunivere' blackmail was surely that there was a line-age left to extend the Lion of the Tribe of Judah's descendants onward into the future and into the End Time. Who didn't want this truth out, the Catholic Church system and their rulers. 'Qui Bono' who would it have benefited to keep this line-age secret. The Church and the State !!

The ''detractors and accusers"" doth protest too much, me thinks" as his persecuterscomplained  and threatened poor little Plantard way too much, to be true.

For though he obviously does not and did not carry the mantle, because the lineage was matriarchal, and went to Lauren IMO. So that we in the End Time would have a real Sophia (of wisdom), a female High Priestess, a descendant of Jesus, a descendant of David, a descendant of Boaz and Ruth, an archtype of the two pillars of the Temple ... Boaz and Jachin.

She is the woman in the wilderness, who flees to Petra....

Revelation 12:1
The Woman and the Dragon
A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Revelation 12:4
Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.

Revelation 12:6
The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Revelation 12:13
When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child.

Revelation 12:14
The woman was given the two wings of a GREAT EAGLE, that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach.

She (Lauren being pregnant with her first child) ( Conception Spring 2024 ?) The serpent trying to stop future generations and descendants of David, ruling in the Milenniun, but it doesn't work. The lineage and descendants go on..... SEE Psalm 89 - 91)

En Arcadia Ego

The shepherdess showing her descent lineage on the tomb of King Dagobert.

The shepherd on the right, seemingly saying, 'Is that you ?'

Do NOTE, the band or wreath or laurel around the head of King Dagobert, strangely coinciding with Laurel Daigle's always seeming to wear a laurel (or victory sign) as a head band