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     Or you can say, Men are as 'bad' as women. It makes no difference. This

principle as simple as it seems will be hard to accept for many, because we

are being conditioned to believe that women are now more saintly than men.

Nevertheless, I shall state the obvious equality that both men and women are

sinners. One is not a greater sinner than the other. Men are as bad as women,

and women are as bad as men.  Their means of expressing their ungodly traits

may be different, but the ultimate source is the same.

     At the Great Judgment Seat of Christ, I would say, that their judgments will not be based on their gender or genitals, but according to their heart, motivations, and actions ... The Lord did not make an evil 'Y' chromosome that makes men automatically bad nor did He make women and their two X chromosomes more saintly and sacrosanct.

The Lord judges fairly and equally .... and has no favorites nor chosen ones, nor a chosen gender. He understands BOTH.

     Nor does the Lord check  people's passports, or check their family tree's when deciding their next stage of correction, punishments or rewards. Everything depends only on them and their hearts, their thinking, and their actions in this life. He doesn't go by bloodlines or religious affiliation of them or their parentage. Everyone stands or falls on their own merits or lack thereof. Their gender is just one of the cards they have been dealt, as with the other cards they have been handed.

     The Lord is not partial in judgment, one way or the other. Forget Patriarchy and Matriarchy. Besides the Holy Spirit is Female, and She does not favor either gender as well. There is a balance at the Judgment Seat and a Balance in our life time. Life is all about our choices, and how we act out or acted out our internal choices through our decisions in life.


       Equality and CHOICE

     The Patriarchal domination, didn't go so well, and Matriarchy will be no better. This can easily be seen by the female politicians (that are so called voted in), for they are no better than their male predessors. Both genders are mixed up and confused, and ill fated in their decision making, when they don;t listen to the Lord or His Female Holy Spirit.

SEE Equality not Patriarchy by Joyce

    The Two Pillars of the Temple are male and female, not both male and not both female. The TWO BRANCHES that unite as One are not both male or both female, but one is Bonds and one is Beauty. Spiritually both are equal in strength, 'different but the same' just as with the sexes. And just as with reproduction of life, BOTH SEXES are needed in the recreation of new souls and bodies. The new diabolical exclusion of males, is unhealthy and unbalanced and will cause even more separation of the males from females and females from males. We need each other, this being the Lords DESIGN and a type of fulfillment for both of us.

Love is a fitting together of two individuals, to form a new individual. Both genders are needed in the upbringing of the new child, this whether the baby is male or female. Its much more difficult for single parent to bring up an offspring. Both are needed, even though by God's Grace, a single parent with love and wisdom can raise healthy normal good kids.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? ...

Marriage of a male and female can form a union of one, and make BOTH stronger, and humbler. Love is putting the other first, in thereby understanding and fulfilling oneself. Having a daughter, and raising them to adulthood can greatly help a husband understand females. Having a son, and raising them, can greatly help women understand men.

The more you understand and know, your gender is not you, and does not dictate your life, the more you will be happy and be at peace with yourself and others including the opposite sex.



PS) I write, having been married for 43 some years, to the same great wife. And according to my scorecard, I am right 51 % of the time, but that percentage is still falling. WE, all have to work things out, brethren ....

Women are as 'Bad' as Men