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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

What Christians should do in the End Time

 The question for all of us Christians is what are we suppose to do in the 'End TIME'. Obviously we cant fight the NWO or any country or military or WHO officials. They are united and have all worldly power as the Lord said, they would have. So its ludicrous to imagine, that we should be looking for a strong Christian organization of hundreds, thousands or millions to join with. Thats the style of church Christians thinking their alignments and group faith of a larger more powerful group will secure them in the time of trouble. Its not going to happen, as even a sincere group would be shut down in no time, by the elite. Everyone must comply.

And thinking, us individuals need to find a safe haven in some not so strict country. are being delusional. All countries are in the NWO by choice and FORCE. So what are we suppose to do ?

Well first of all, we are suppose to know prophecy, the major sign posts, the timing of events, and how the Lord of Lords, gets the final victory. In other words we are suppose to know the direct WORD of God, which is prophecy. We can't be loosely thinking, the rapture will be any day now. It won't All things and prophecies must cohesively and in order, be fulfilled. If you don't know the chronological order of events, you will be in the dark. And sadly you and yours will most likely fade in faith with time, thinking the Lord has forsaken you.

But if you have a basic understanding of Daniel, then Revelation, confirmed by all the other prophets of all time, then you have a chance to make it to the COMING OF THE LORD. And that brethren is not soon, but years and years away,as we still haven't seen the ten nation world power. This being formed to stop the world war onslaught in the Mid East and elsewhere.

Your next major sign post, is the START OF SACRIFICING before the location of the 3rd Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount.

Then instead of getting depressed with the world take over of your freedoms and the multitude of diseases and wars, you should be serious, about what you should be doing for the Lord, to make it to the end and to be a WITNESS.

Its not that complicated. Its the same formula as the Lord gave after His Resurrection, go into all the world and preach the gospel, even if your world is now very small and limited. No difference. Witness, tell others about HIM and Prophecy. And how HE wins and gets the victory. But then again, you have to know the events and timing.

First of all, I would suggest to you to study when we do gather, before the Lord leads us into the wilderness from Judea.

IE. we therefore have to be gathered together individually BEFORE that precise mid point in the LAST SEVEN YEARS. How do we all get there. Easy the Lord individually gets us there, not as a group but as HE individually leads and guides, and supplies the way and means to do so. The timing has to be HIS, the miracles to get there has to be HIS. The timing has to be HIS, not too soon and not to late.

Please study, these direct bible quotes from . It eventually becomes clear from scriptures that we do GATHER together, for greater power and strength, when the TWO CHRISTIAN WITNESSES of Revelation 11 become ordained and anointed. This because we aren't going to have any power unless it is Gods ordained power and TIMING.

What happens then ? We flee Jerusalem as Jesus said in Mathew 24 and elsewhere, and head to the wilderness where Jesus will feed us and protect us from the vile of the ANTICHRIST. So how do we get there and where are we going ?

I would again suggest you read .

These direct prophecy verses in the Old Testament mention a SECOND EXODUS, even greater than the first exodus of Moses from Egypt. Its along the Kings Highway. So study it, and note our greater exodus along the same route. Why because it was an ensample for us, in our LAST DAYS, the greater days of the END.

For once you have faith in these confirming verses, then you can witness these truths to the receptive ones you meet. It will be PERSONAL WITNESSING and at the most groups of 12, just like the EARLY CHURCH did. Its the same method as before, BRETHREN. Individual private witnessing. How will you know who to witness or invite. Well you better be able to hear from the Lord, because if you get it wrong, you will betray your own family and fellow believers, and it will be your fault.

IE, you better be able to HEAR FROM THE LORD, in who you talk to and where you go etc. etc... Forget group faith and looking for a fancy well spoken inspiring preacher to lead you, you willl have to lead yourself and a few others, before the LAST GATHERING and 2nd EXODUS.

Thats what we are suppose to do before the End and onto the END. Witness the Lords victory and our own victory.

IMO ..The Lord give us strength, faith and endurance and the LOVE to continue on,