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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Procession of the "Stars' Mathematical Calculations of End Time

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     I never liked the Processtion of the Stars calculations because they used the dating of 26,000 years as the time for the Earth's axis to wobble around the North Pole axis of the divine Earth's positioning. This because we know the Earth is only 6,000 years old with an added 21 years for Jacobs Trouble, and 7 Years for Daniel's Prophecy.

Hence 26,000 years didn't match up with 26,000 years and so I rejected it, and maybe even might reject it in the future, if it doesn't synch together somehow, someway.

Anyway this thread is UNDER CONSTRUCTION or TBD... TO BE DETERMINED. Nevertheless I shall write down what I might have gotten so far.

Leo and Regulus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, JESUS was born on December 25th, in 4 B.C., the Winter Equinox, as a great light rose when He was Born, because HE was the PROMISED MESSIAH, that came and through HIS LIFETIME and EVENTUAL DEATH, saved the world's people, all of them for all TIME through HIS BRUISING and SACRIFICE. This being the message of 'THE COMING PRINCE, and ORION in the night sky.

SEE Original Prophecy Fulfillment and ARCHIVE

We shall  start the lineage in the BEGINNING of Time..... 4004 Jesus was from the BEGINNING (John 1), as He was the Creator, yet was made flesh in 4 BC.... 4,000 years later, and now we are 2000 plus years later.

Therefore lets go from Leo, and Regulus, the heart of the KING of KINGS ... all the way to our projected end in 2028 AD... and see if we have at least an approximation confirmation. The End as we have studied ends with the JUDGMENT and Lake of Fire, or River of Fire in Taurus. Pleiades being apparently the HEAVEN where the Lord now resides, until His Second Coming... and Pleiades is in the Constellation Taurus .... its also called the SEVEN SISTERS, or SEVEN VIRGINS.

The separation in degrees between these two stars of the COMING PRINCE and the JUDGMENT OF THE COMING PRINCE of those that have rejected HIM, seems to be around 83 degrees.

Hence this is 83/360 degrees of a complete rotation, or according to the squared circle, almost a 90 degree right angle square. Rather strange but not if you consider that the 4 quadrants of the seasons or constellations comprise one fourth of a side (of a GOLDEN SECTION BASE PYRAMID)  SEE Tabernacle of the SUN, SEE Astronomy ARCHIVE.

So if     1 degree   = 71.5 years

Then 83 degrees  = 71.5 times 83 degrees =  5,934. years

                      OR more precisely ........

83/360 equals  0.2305555   =  5,994  years   .. approximately 6,000 years of world history

It sure seems to fit, if in fact the Lord started off World History or our Solar System History or Creation with the Heart of the Lion, Regulus positioning, and it goes until Taurus and the Judgment of the Congregation, at the heart of Taurus, the Bull.

And from there it progresses, or stops wobbling for Eternity. We shall see.

But all you really have to know ansolutely is that the Lord created all things and all stars and nothing is by chance, and you have to keep the 'FAITH til the END'.



SEE Archives of Astronomy ... HERE

That's close enough for me to see confirmation if you ask me.

I'm not quite sure yet what all this means, but do note the Pillar of Enoch below, meaning the Great Pyramid of Egypt graphics and alignment below.

And do note the SUNRISE, on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, when the Sun/Son rises directly East, as a light in the darkness bringing a new day.

SEE Sunlight, Sunrise ARCHIVE of almost all sacred structures... aligned due East towards the rising SUN/SON

When the galactic and celestial PLANES align. Remembering that Jesus is the Saviour of the whole UNIVERSE not merely Earth. For there is no other god than HIM, Him and the Father and the Spirit, for they are ONE