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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Lineage of  the 'Templars'

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      History is important,  knowing our ancestors and descendants can be very helpful, especially if their is a treasure or treasures of knowledge that can guide us in the present, on into the future. See Prophecies of finding the Lord's Treasures.

And we do need help in the End TIme. For whats the point in searching for the Grail ? We can't spend the fabulous wealth, but it can and will be used for ''Ransoming the Lords people" from prison, and helping them on the way to our "Gathering"  Besides, if we also found the GRAIL, it would be able to "Feed us in the wilderness." These treasures have a purpose and would fulfill a need, we will be having !

      We should know of our ascent from Adam, to Moses, King David, King of Kings Jesus, King Arthur, to our End Time King David, one of the 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11. So where do the Templars fit in ? Well they were true knights, sworn to poverty, who gave all and dedicated their lives for the Lord and helping the poor and oppressed, helping to liberate the Holy Lands from Muslim domination, and even gathering holy relics (Grail) from its supposed hiding places in caves beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Read a much more complete history of the Templars HERE

They were masters of sacred knowledge and used its geometric expertise to sail to foreign shores, including North America, to New Scotland ( now called Nobva Scotia, a province of Canada). They were descendants of Dan, who had become sailors out of necessity, having been given a poor agricultural portion of the Promised Land. They were Mergovinians, and established kingships in France and beyond in Europe.

And as can be seen here, they established their centers of worship, by building sacred structures, according to the sacred points of the Earth. This meaning they knew, or discovered these electrical communicative ley lines, and built there as did their forefathers. The greatest of these locations was obviously the sacred location of Giza (Enoch's temple), and then the Temple Mount, and the Jerusalem Temple envisioned by David and built by Solomon. All their future sacred temples including Notre Dame, Sulspice had to therefore be on a sacred power meridian or longitude. This they called the ROSE LINE MERIDIAN. (-2.33 degrees east of the present day Greenwich 0 degree meridian or longitude).

This the why Templar treasure map or code that was a written guide for finding their treasures, was encoded in the Serpent Rouge poem of 13 stanza's.

For to find the Grail, a true knight must use wisdom as well as bravery. For again,the Arthurian legends were not make believe tales of heroism and discovery, but real history about the LINEAGE that followed after the Lord's life and love with Mary Magdalene. Our Lord surely obeyed his own commandments and reproduced, if you make a after a brave search of history of the Essenes, and Apocrypha writings state. (SEE Da Vinci Code sub-board) King Arthur, and his noble knights of Glastonbury, (in Wales) to the Templar Knights and their fleeing to a new Jerusalem type church called the Rosalyn Chapel.

Yes, the Templars there, became Masons, because of the vile church persecution, and went underground. And Yes, they were taken over by the dark side, yet some surely survived to be the guardians of the Grail. Sure Rosalyn Chapel might hold the physical Chalice or receptacle (female) in the 'lineage' but the physical cup that contains the blood of Christ (the Blade) is in the New World, New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

How do you find it ?  ..... via sacred geometry..the key of David, and the key to the design of the Lord in all His Creation. And by studying and deciphering the clues in the Serpent Rouge.

SEE Serpent Rouge Interpretation.

Will the heathen find it after spending millions at Oak Island ? NO. The treasures of the Lord are for the Lord's people. For no one can find the Grail unless they know 'who the Grail serves'.  The Grail serves the Lord and His People. The treasure is only for the LORD and HIS PEOPLE in the END TIME.



SEE geometry proofs and X, of the Masons, square and compass in pacing the Grail