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Introduction to Grail

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      The Holy Grail is one of the most prominent and enduring symbols of Christianity. It is believed to be the chalice or cup that was used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper that he had before the crucifixion with his disciples. It is also supposed to have been used at the crucifixion by Joseph of Arimathea to catch Jesus’ blood. Legend has it that Joseph brought the sacred cup to Britain and established a secret line of guardians who have kept it safe ever since. Having been touched by Christ, the chalice was believed to hold miraculous powers and so, was highly sought-after.

The Holy Grail has captured the imagination of people ever since the Grail legends found a literary expression around the twelfth century. It forms an important part of Arthurian literature and has been the principal object of a search by the knights at the court of King Arthur. In the early literature, the Grail was depicted as a plate, serving a dish, stone, or even something spiritual or ethereal. It was shown to be a cup in Joseph d’Arimathie that was written by Robert de Boron in 1205.

As a Christian symbol, the Holy Grail is more than a sacred object. It signifies the forgiveness of sin and attainment of immortality. At the Holy Communion services, the cup represents the body or essence of Jesus and the wine in it symbolizes the blood that he shed while making the supreme sacrifice for the sake of humanity.

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And as mentioned in the Da Vinci Code and other places, the Grail can be in two forms, one a literal cup or plate, and the other being the literal body of the receptacle or womb of the seed of the Saviour.


Excalibur is the sword in the platter, or vessel. It's the archetype of all things. The male shaft into the female receptacle. Its the up ward pointing triangle, into the downward pointing triangle that makes up the hexagonal FLOWER OF LIFE, geometric shape. This being created by the Lord from the beginning of CREATION. Its the motion between them that produces the spark of life, or piezo-electric effect of science and the creation of life. Its the design of life not some kind of shape that esoterically is so called evil.

Hexagons are not intrinsically evil or bad, 6 is not an evil number, neither is 5 and a pentagon, nor 4 and a square, neither three and a triangle. The Lord of all, Jesus created all things and shapes, as well as creating nature and life, numbers and science from the beginning. Dont be afraid of HIS DESIGN, know it and use it for His glory.

Please SEE Sexy Star of David

In other words, a sword can represent male symbolism, and a bowl or vessel can represent female symbolically. They are equal although different and complimentary. Both needing each other. Neither is superior or above the other. So similarly, if we are to obtain the GRAIL of Arthurian legend and the true history of our Lord and Heavenly KING, why would we not also be graced with its complimentary sword, Excalibur. We in the End ime are as great as the knights of old, and fighting in spirit and even in flesh at the very end as our heritage fighters. They and we are one and are of the same tribal background. We are not cowards and fearful, like the complacent church folks, but warriors for the FAITH.   SEE Mary Magdalene was Jesus wife

Therefore in my opinion, after our Lords Resurrection, we should decipher where both Grails went to. Did Mary Magdalene go to France with or without the Grail, did one of them proceed to Glastonbury, involved with King Arthur. Did the Templars Knights take it and eventually bring it to Rossalyn Chapel when under persecution from the Western Catholic Church system. These are some of the mysteries, we should try to trace in order to bring us to the present, and know for future reference because of their importance in the future and PROPHECY