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Lauren Daigle on Homosexuality

         Question and Answer


Eight minutes into an interview with Lauren Daigle, by an intervierer called Nadi.............

Nati said:

"I hate to do this to you Lauren but I usually ask tough questions

so is that alright if I ask just a couple of ones that are tougher and

you can let me know if you wanna answer them?

She (Lauren Daigle) replied: "Ok, cool."

"Well, just 'cos we were talking about Ellen [DeGeneres] you feel

that homosexuality is a sin?" After a pause, she responded: "You know

I can't honestly answer on that...I have too many people that I love that,

they are homosexual, I don't know. I actually had a conversation with

someone last night about it and I was like 'I can't say one way or the other

, I'm not God'. So, when people ask questions like that that's what my go

to is. I just say read the Bible and find out for yourself and when you find

out let me know 'cos I'm learning too." (End of excerpt from interview)

The interviewer, Nadi, went on to say .......

"The backlash Lauren Daigle received from our interview has been very disappointing to witness. I was shocked by the amount of attack and assumption there was on someone simply saying "I don't know". The truth is YOU don't know. You don't know if she was being honest, you don't know if she was dodging the question, and you don't know if she was lying... and neither do I."

He (Nadi) goes on to say:

"I know that Moses thought it was a sin and I know Paul thought it was a sin, but Jesus didn't speak on it. And Paul and Moses didn't always get things right in their writings nor was it always recorded, copied, and translated correctly. John 16:8-9 says "When the Holy Spirit comes He will expose the world concerning sin, concerning righteousness, and concerning judging. Of sin that they are not believing in Me." Jesus identifies sin as not believing in Himself. Not our sexual preference, or wrongdoings, but rather our unbelief. So it's possible that someone doesn't know what is considered a sin and what isn't, and neither does anyone else. Not Moses, Paul, you, me or Lauren Daigle because we're 'not God.'

(End of quotes from


First of all, you have to realise that the Christian church system, is based on the appearance of righteousness which is actually self righteousness, rather than on the principles of love, sharing and caring that Jesus taught. Jesus said, His commandment was that we love one another.  (John  15:12  This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.)

And this can really only be determined by the Lord Himself according to our motivations and actual lifestyle. SEE Prayer of scribes and pharisees, to be seen of others So Lauren stating that 'only God knows', is not evasive but a truthful answer and according to the TRUTH itself that Jesus taught and lived.

And Lauren could not deny that she had friends who were homosexual, or lets say lesbians, because female homosexuality is lesbianism. And Yes, anything in between because there are numerous degrees and numerous

different times and occassions. Its not straight forward hardcore, black and white. It all depends on their hearts and motivations and love towards others. If they are unloving to their orientation or other orientations, that's not the Lord's LOVE. Jesus allowed John, the Beloved who consistently hugged him and clung to him to be a apostle, and John did amazingly well even though the other apostles resented him and his effeminancy.

(SEE )

Jesus didn't accuse him, Moses seemed to because he lead a mixed multitude of doubting unbelieving fellow tribesmen and women that needed to be under the law, because they were so rebellious. This got Moses in no end of trouble and torment. They just didn't have faith and had so little experience in understanding.... and hence they wandered in the desert for forty years when the journey only took 40 days. They all had to pass away before a new generation could replace them... Ha, because only through heterosexual coupling could a new generation come about. Because the next generation under Joshua and Caleb were much more obedient and able to take over the Promised Land.

As for Paul, even as Nadi wrote, Paul didn't get everything right. Paul was definitely anti-woman

SEE Paul versus Jesus) Paul's views definitely differed with what Jesus said and how Jesus lived. Jesus's first witness was to the woman at the well who had five husbands. Read it for yourself HERE.

Sexuality or the lack thereof is not the determining factors, our hearts are ! But church people and especially their false Christian leadership, are primarily focused on keeping their flock controlled and regulated into the sanctimonious appearance of self righteousness, especially when it comes to 'sex'.

When they talk about sin, they are usually talking about sexual activities, or sexual orientations. If a church member violates their man made rules then they are put in fear of being excommunicated or thrown out of their church system, OR into the pit of ungodly worldly pleasures and vice and death. Wait a minute, pleasure and love, and connecting in heart and soul and even bodily with those we are attracted to isn't the bane of life, but one of the answers to LIFE. We have to determine when and where and how much and who is worthy, not the church system that limits love to sanctified church sponsored heterosexual marriage.

Jesus said, to his own male disciples, This woman has kissed me, and yet you haven't...  Luke 7:45
Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet.

Did this not infer, that they could have kissed him, just as the woman (Mary Magdalene) did

Think about it. Mary Magdalene was accused by them, because they as yet had not totally broken away from the LAW and didn't know the depth of love of the Lord as yet. Jesus was not Patriarchical, (nor Matriarchical ) He saw hearts and not external gender, he was fair and just and loving to ALL...  Selah.  (SEE 1 Samuel 16:7
But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.)

I agree with her, and support her, and her spokeswoman words of grace, and TRUTH.



January 22, 2022

PS) Do note that within heterosexuality, there are numerous sins that can occur Some greater than others), also within homosexuality there are also numerous sins that can occur (some greater than others ).

In both cases, some are against their partners, like jealousy and selfishness, and some can be against their own bodies.. ( SEE Anal Sex is dirty )

Lets stay within the bounds of love...