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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Forget Left, Right and Center Politically

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     Forget the Left, forget the Right, and even forget the so-called Center, they are all misleading and the same. They are all manipulated by the rich and powerful, and the elite. Those in power never want to give up power, so above board or behind board, or through governing boards, direct laws and enforcements, they make their further reign more successful or their future enslavement more readily accomplished. It is never for the common man, or the greater populace, Jesus said so. When He said, strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life, He was NOT referring to 'Straight Down the Middle' but Jesus was referring to His Way, not a political system of man. All political systems are devoid and errant and down right devious and a means of enslavement.

      Democracy is not freedom as the masses will chose selfishness and the oppression of the lower classes at home or abroad. Fighting for democracy of others by starting a war to so call end other peoples oppression is and of itself, an oppression. It's us versus them, meaning we want superiority and the wealth of others, so we can live a life of leisure and comfort at the expense of the labour of either those on the home front or those in other countries. The amassing of wealth always comes at the expense or work of others. There is no equality, or fairness. All political systems are run by back room deals, all laws are made through back room deals, all judicial systems are made through backroom deals. Nothing is as it seems or is transparent. There's always a hidden motive or agenda. There is no freedom in politics, nor fairness, nor long term justice.

      Forget capitalism, forget communism, forget anything in the middle. Jesus said just pay them their due, their taxes, but such is not the cure all, and every system of man is corrupt. The Lord was the ruler and judge and lawmaker in the past, not a body of elected corrupt officials always looking for promotions to higher more lucrative positions in the hierarchy of the left or right. The Lord simply choose a fair prophet to judge tough decisions in applying his consistent law. The Lord didn't want a new economic system, He provided the food according to his blessings or removal of blessings literally. He set the prices, and He provided the gleaning for the poor and the widows. And demanded by His law, that those that had, shared or else by His supernatural knowledge of each person's motivations, He would take away what they did have.

     His system was based on Fear of HIM, not by some external police force. Why because earthly power always corrupts. Whereas His power is always fair and just. Fear of man brings more fear, but fear of HIM brings true obedience from the heart for the welfare of others. His people were in a sense afraid of faling Him and OTHERS, and knew and know that eventually their sins would come down on them. That was the justice system. The Lord always dealt with His people fairly, and always rewarded love and sharing rather than greed and selfishness. He said, if you wanted a higher position, it meant you had to work harder for others, and less for yourself. This just the opposite of what the world teaches. He has always wanted each of us, to help liberate and free others FIRST before ourselves, And that would be obeying His LAW OF LOVE.

     It's not a super spiritual law with no direct application, as all of us had and have his direct voice of conscience within us, where His Holy Spirit tells us if we are following His Path. It's not LEFT or RIGHT, or right down the MIDDLE. It's whether we love the Lord first and put others before ourselves and have love to all, then we can love ourselves and be at peace with ourselves and others ..... and with our Creator.

In His Love