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David Jay Jordan's

   End Time  Prophecies

Fleur De Leis, Circumcision, and Plantards

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"The royal emblem of the Merovingian king Clovis was the fleur-de-lis (the iris)...a masculine symbol. In fact, it is a graphic image of the covenant of circumcision... This three-pronged 'lily' is an ancient symbol for Israel: the capitals of the two phallic pillars of Solomon's Temple, Jachin and Boaz, were carved with 'lily work' (I Kings 7:22).” (936:62)

As noted above, the fleur de lis symbol is much older than most recognize it to be, for it is biblical and denotes purity, lineage, nobility. It can represent heritage as in Mary Magdalene,

It can represent the trinity, the three pillars, Father, Mother and Son. And Yes,it can represent circumcision or the taking away of the outer skin, so the inner glans can be revealed. This whether in male or female, because both genders have the same basic embriology, and same pillars within and on the sides. The three groups of tissues, the two cavernosa and the spongiosum, are expandable, sponge-like structures involved in the process of a penile erection.

from which it is evident that to circumcise the heart is to be purified from filthy loves, in order that Jehovah God, or the Lord, may be loved with all the heart and with all the soul.

Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns; circumcise yourselves unto Jehovah, and take away the foreskin of your heart, O man of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 4:3, 4);

to circumcise one's self to Jehovah, and remove the foreskin of the heart, is to remove such things as obstruct heavenly lo

JJehovah thy God will circumcise th

[3] In Jeremiah:--

y heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love Jehovah thy God in thy whole heart, and in thy whole soul, that thou mayest live (Deut. 30:6)

ve; all which shows that the circumcision of the heart is an interior thing that is signified by the circumcision of the foreskin. In Moses:--

Ye shall circumcise the foreskin of your heart, and shall no longer harden your neck, doing the judgment of the orphan and the widow, and loving the stranger to give him bread and raiment (Deut. 10:16, 18)

where also it is clear that to circumcise the foreskin of the heart is to be purified from the evils of filthy loves and from the falsities derived from them. The celestial things of love are described by these works of charity, namely, doing the judgment of the orphan and the widow, and loving the stranger to give him bread and raiment.  ( )

The Two pillars of the Temple, (male and female ) have capitals and depictions of lilies on them Their height, circumference measurements are consistent with the male (and female sexual embriology) pillar or member. (Davidjayjordan references)

With this direct connection, a family tree from two that reproduces another ONE, can easily show our lineage and heritage from the past. (SEE Kaballah Design and Sacred Church Design)

So picking up the lineage of the True Knights of the Lord after His Death and Resurrection toward to King Arthur, and beyond....

In 679 A.D., the Roman Catholic Church collaborated with the Carolingians to assassinate the Merovingian King Dagobert II. Dagobert's nephew, Childeric III, was deposed in 751 by Pepin III, the first of the Carolingian dynasty. In 800, Pepin's son, Charlemagne, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, although his kingdom actually was the Frankish Empire. Charlemagne and the Carolingians married Merovingian Jews.


Three pronged lily, three pillars of male female son, male and female


After the death of Dagobert II, the Merovingian bloodline continued in the personage of Sigisbert IV, who fled to the south of France, to the village of Rennes le Chateau in Razes. Sigisbert assumed the name of "the Plant-Ard", which means "sapling" or "branch" and the title of the Count of Razes. "Plant-Ard" evolved into the surname Plantard:

SEE Piory of Sion Wiki... Grand Masters..... means the Branch

The Merovingian Dynasty: Identity of the False Christ

The Merovingian Dynasty: Identity of the False Christ

SEE fleur de lis, symbol circumcision

and His Timing to all Generations. This the same as the DESIGN of the constellations in the sky, detailing His-Story, as above so below. Everything gives glory to God and His SON/Sun. They are tyhe focus of the Earth and the Solar System, and the whole Universe.