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Giza, Alignments, Christos Angle, Jesus, Bethlehem, Petra, Geographic Design, Sun
Rise`- Moon Rise, Eclipses, Galactic Cross,
Milky Way, Messianic Star Constellations,

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Why does the sun rise angle matter so much at Giza, and Stonehenge ?
Why is the Christos Angle so important, and why does sun light morning rays mean so much when doing a rutual.
Does time open portals, only at certain times, as with Enoch's wheels, and harmonic intersections of the Sun, Moon and Earth rotations and revolutions ?

Great Pyramid alignments

Why is the gynonym of St. Sulpice constructed to give the exact time of Easter for the celebrants of Jesus' rebirth or resurrection. It was the most important exact timing of all timings, as He rose from the dead. Surely it above all times was at a portal time when SUN', Moon' and Earth were in conjunction.


Why is Stonehenge aligned to both the rise and fall of the Sun, as well as the moon alignments every 18.6 years ? They put a notch or light portal opening in their stone, to allow sun rise light to show the exact timing of the seasons, so why did both these cultures honour sun rise, and SON RISE (Easter) so much ?

St. Sulpice Notch PICTURE

Why because Jesus is and was the CREATOR. And these alignments in time and space, compass and square, show His DESIGN and His Timing to all Generations. This the same as the DESIGN of the constellations in the sky, detailing His-Story, as above so below. Everything gives glory to God and His SON/Sun. They are the focus of the Earth and the Solar System, and the whole Universe.



Blog talks about St Sulpice, and even the blue apples of Serpent Rouge which was the code parchment that pinpointed the location of the Grail.

When you visit Saint Sulpice you are actually touring the second edifice on the site, one that has been erected over a Romanesque church which was originally constructed during the thirteenth century. This exquisite house of worship is dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious; Saint Sulpice or, as he was known, ‘le Débonnaire’, a seventh-century bishop of Bourges, France. Saint Sulpice died on 17 January 646, and thus his feast day is 17 January. This brings us to the first tenet of the Priory of Sion that appears to have been inspired by the church: the Feast Day of Saint Sulpice.

This date of Jnuaray 17th is repeated in the SERPENT ROUGE or Red Dragon. (SEE Revelation)

The Priory use this date January 17th ontheir letter head and symbology, so it must be of importance, even great importance. What is of greater importance than the death of our Lord and His dating ?

The priest, Bérenger Saunière, is said to have discovered an heretical truth, relic or patriarchal tomb, and/or body, in his parish church in Rennes-le-Château (or thereabouts) in southern France in late 1891. In the context of Rennes-le-Château, the mythology of 17 January includes some rather curious accounts from history: the son of the Merovinginian King Dagobert II, Sigisbert VI, is said to have visited Rennes-le-Château on 17 January (681); and the lost body of Dagobert II was supposedly rediscovered on 17 January (872). Even Bérenger Saunière is said to have been struck down on 17 January (1917) before dying five days later.

17 January is also referenced in the document, Le Serpent Rouge (The Red Serpent) – one of many documents now recognised as having been penned by the Priory of Sion – which mysteriously appeared in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (the National Library of France) in Paris, allegedly on 17 January 1967, which is rather late, given that most of the Priory documents were deposited there during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Le Serpent Rouge is broken down into twelve lucid passages, one for each sign of the zodiac, and in the ‘Capricorn’ passage it states: ‘I haven’t told you in fact that this was a dream that I’d had this 17 JANUARY, feast day of Saint SULPICE’ (translation by Marcus Williamson and Corella Hughes). Again, attention is called to this specific date, and place of worship.

The gnomon of Saint Sulpice is an astronomical measurement device that projects a shadow onto the church floor in order to predict the advent of meaningful moments in time, events ranging from when to ring the church bells to the coming of Easter, and other important days of observance.

When we examine how the gnomon works we are reminded of another tenet of the Priory of Sion: the way in which sunlight passes through a small, round opening in the stained-glass window of the south transept, twenty-five metres high, projecting a light onto the floor that will cross the meridian each time the sun reaches its zenith at noon.


Introduction to Light Series

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Original Equator thru Giza and Petra
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Christos Angle, Giza, Jesus, Stonehenge
Bethlehem and JesusGraphic Design including Jordan and Petra
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Petra Sunrise on Plateau
Sunrises Music and Word Transmission
Why Light Rituals are Important
Lord's Design of Pineal Gland Crystals
Pineal- Pituitary Christos Angle
King's Chamber Offset
Kings Chamber 6.5 degree Offset
Galactic Cross Importance & Timing
Sirius,Orion,Taurus, Pleiades Line
Grail Sexual Implications
Leo Rising
Nile - Milky Way Correspondence
Brain - Milky Way - Light Possibility
Galactic Cross and 2016
6.5 Offset

Decoding Enoch's Prophecy

Hall of Records
Evil Authors... Buvaal, Brown, Stichin,

Summation of Capturing the Light


The above completed and in-completed articles show there is something true about timing, angles, locations with light.

There is a myriad of proofs that the Earth and Sun and Moon and stars were designed rather than at random, so there alignments should not be seen as something 'shocking' or new. Ley-lines exist, whether you like it or not simply because the Earth is a spinning electrical body that sets up fields, as well as the Platonic solid sensitive points, that underlie the Earth's construction. Its not New AGE, its OLD AGE from Creation itself.

But what we want to do or should be doing, is admiring and honouring not the Creation, but the Creator. Unlike some of our ancestors, we should not be bowing to the SUN but to the SON, or Creator of all things. Honour to whom honour is due.


Again, I repeat the Lord Himself has prescribed certain holy times,or significant times of intersection or alignment wherein to follow certain rituals or services in honour to HIM, or if you like HIM and HER, The Holy Spirit and the Father are ONE, the Holy Spirit, Father and Son are ONE. These are either somber holy days or festive holydays OR HOLIDAYS.

Each Hebrew Holy Day, was prescribed by the Lord Himself to fall on certain intersection days of the year...on a lunar calendar. Meanwhile the solar calendar, of the Equinoxes and Solstices, continues on as it has from its CREATION. This timing mechanism having been started with all their speeds, rotations, and paths by the Lord initially. Once you understand that the Lord created material things, living things, and set them in motion in the heavens and Earth, you will understand that the Lord created Science and LAWS, rather than them just supposedly creating themselves magically. Science and the Natural Laws have not evolved or changed, they are creations of the Lord all composed and put together at ONE TIME in the BEGINNING.

Study history, biology, the sciences and marvel at the Lord's handiwork and skill and precision.

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